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Bookmakers cash-out is bad value

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Bookmakers cash-out is bad value

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You go to the supermarket and buy ten items. When you get home you decide you don’t like one of the items, so the next day you return to the store and ask for a refund. It’s probably fair to expect a full reimbursement, so what would happen if the employee said i and only give you €7 for what cost €10. The chances are you would go ballistic, or would you really accept less than you had paid for an unused item.

Let’s say you have a eight team accumulator (parlay) and the first seven had already won. Lets say that now you have €1000 going on to the last leg at odds of 2.00, meaning if it wins you receive €2000. Would you cash-out by selling the ticket back to the bookmaker for €700, and if yes why?


Think about it. If you had only written the first seven teams on that bet, you would already have €1000. So, why would you want to let the bookmaker buy it back before the last leg for a vastly reduced value?. Is it because you are nervous that the last one won’t win?, or is their some other logic behind why you would want to be short changed.

Don’t you realise that by selling back at this stage you would be like shooting yourself in the foot. And, whichever way you look at it, their is absolutely no logic whatsoever in giving the bookmaker this opportunity. It’s simple, bookmakers cash-out is really bad value and no one needs it!


If you know that you would be tempted to do such a silly thing, why not learn to bet different. In this instance you could do a few things that would give cover and take away the pressure of the last bet winning. For example, if your stake was €10, you could split it in half and place €5 on the first seven winning, then have the other €5 on all 8. Using those numbers you would receive €500 guaranteed if the first seven had won, and another €1000 if the last leg won. Alternatively, you could make a system bet of 7 from 8 (8 bets). Just take your original stake and split it into the number of bets (lines), i.e. €1.25 for 7/8 would cost €10. By doing this any 7/8 could win and you would get a single line return, and if all 8 won you would have 8 winning bets!


If you really must cash-out, selling at true odds on a betting exchange would be far better value. In this instance you might be able to ‘’lay’’ the last team at nearer the odds you bet. For example, if you had to give 2.10 then you would collect 909 minus commission, even at 5% that would give you €863.55. Alternatively, bet the contra opposing side + draw at the best odds possible!


While you might of heard some great stories in the press and forums about people cashing out. However, they don’t mention the ones that would have won more if they hadn’t sold, it’s just a PR stunt to get people being even more stupid! Bookmakers cash-out is literally pushed on the client

Generally speaking half the punters out there are simply losers. We have stood behind them in betting shops when they have 20 teams on a ticket. Even when the cashier says to them the highest payout is 50K and your ticket comes to 260K, they are likely to say that’s fine let it run! Never give the bastards anything!!

PS - We are not endorsing multiple bets, although it’s profitable if you are betting at over the odds.


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