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Different sports betting strategies

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Different sports betting strategies

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Watching one of your favorite sports and thinking, instead of just enjoying it, why not make a profit out of it? Well, VOdds can help your sports betting needs. Bet with our top Asian sports trading platform - VOdds. Learn new strategies and conquer every game to maximize profits.

Now is the time to understand different types of strategies you can use and how it can help you gain confidence in wagering on sports. Here are the top 6 types of betting.

Straight Bets

This pertains to betting on a single outcome of the game that will be decided via a money line or point spread. This is also the easiest type of bet especially for beginners in the sports trading industry.

Future Bets

Placing a bet on an event that will occur in the far future. For example, you place a bet on what team will win in the NBA Championship for the next year.

  • Betting on a Basketball team to win the Championship early in the season.
  • At the start of the season, picking a football team to win a League.
  • Before the French Open begins, you can bet on a tennis player to win.

Teaser Bets

It is a type of wager that is usually used for basketball and football in which a point spread is set in the player’s favor on several games. Assume you've chosen three football clubs to feature in a preview. The following is the spread for each one.

  • Team A +3
  • Team B -4
  • Team C +11

You then chose a 6-point teaser bet. Meaning, the point spreads will be switched to 6 points in your favour.

  • Team A +9
  • Team B +2
  • Team C +17

So, instead of losing by 3 points, you just need to lose by 9 points now. Team B may have needed to prevail by more than 4 points in the past, but they will now lose by a single point. Instead of 10 points, Team C will now lose by as many as 16 points.

Prop Bets

It simply utilizes a prediction move where you choose who will make the first score on the game or bets on specific aspects of a sporting event that may or may not have a direct impact on the event's final outcome. Broken down into 3 categories, you can bet on almost anything but point spread, outcome of the game, and moneyline.

  • Player props - It is something that has to do with a player's statistics or results in play.
  • Game props - Is a type that focuses more on the actual game. Who’s team will be most likely to score first? First 20 points? So on.
  • Exotic props - Mostly seen on major occasions, exotic props aren’t focusing on the game itself, but rather the outskirts.

Parlay Bets

A wager that combines two or more bets. To receive a higher payout, a player must win all of them, otherwise, he or she will forfeit the whole bet if he or she loses even one wager on all of them.

Round Robin Bets

A sequence of Parlay Bets. Basically, three 2-team parlays, for example, make up a 3-team round robin. Let's presume you like these three lines:

  • Brooklyn Nets +7.5 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Lakers -3.5 (-110)
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1.5 (-110)

If you had to make a standard parlay, all three of these teams would have to cover the spread. This particular bet gives you a chance to have security. Even though you lost 1 team, it will still be profitable since you booked 3. You'd create three separate two-team parlays instead of a parlay where all three events had to be competitive to win.

With all of these strategies laid in front of you, you can start acing every game and cheer for your teams in live betting. To maximize your betting efforts, we recommend only the best Asian sportsbook aggregator sites that have 24/7 customer care and fast deposits and payouts. Now that you understand some of the sports you can place bets on, it's time to build your strategy and win lots of money!.

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