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Oscar’s Grind Betting System

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Oscar’s Grind Betting System

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Oscar’s Grind is one of the most famous Progression betting systems. Progression betting systems are a common thing in the gambling and sports betting world and as time goes on they are getting even more popular. The thing is that people fall prey to such mathematical models because of the gambler’s fallacy. That is the false belief that a persistent consecutive outcome decreases the chances of it repeating shortly after.

This has been proven to be wrong but bettors still insist on using negative progression systems. However, today we’ll be talking about a positive progression system that is none other than Oscar’s Grind method.

What is the Oscar’s Grind betting system?

All progression systems, may they be of a negative or positive nature, are based on the same core value. That is altering your bet by a specific amount after each outcome. Oscar’s grind differs though.

Let’s say you start with a base betting unit of $10. This will not change throughout the current session. Every time you lose, your bet will remain the same. If you win then the stake must be increased by one unit. Here is an example of selections of 2.00 odds:

Game 1 – $10 bet, loss – profit = – $10

Game 2 – $10 bet, loss – profit = – $20

Game 3 – $10 bet, win – profit = – $10

Game 4 – $20 bet, win – profit = + $30

Game 5 – $30 bet, loss – profit = $0

Game 6 – $30 bet, win – profit = + $30

Game 7 – $40 bet, win – profit = + $70

Game 8 – $50 bet, loss – profit = + $20

As you see this system can be fairly profitable at times. Judging by our example, we managed to have a profit equal to two times the base unit. That said, we only won half of our bets.

How to use Oscar’s Grind betting system?

It’s no secret that such betting systems are almost guaranteed to fail in the long run which will result in the part or complete loss of your available budget.

The reason they might look like a viable strategy is that many bettors forget to keep a simple fact in their minds. This is that they aren’t using infinite resources. Sure, that would mean that every session will eventually end on a profit but this is a hypothetical scenario.

Following the previous example, here is what would have happened if you lost 2 more games:

Game 8 – $50 bet, loss – profit = + $20

Game 9 – $50 bet, loss – profit = – $30

Game 10 – $50 bet, loss – profit = – $80

If you were on an initial budget of $100 you wouldn’t have enough money left to place the required amount to make up for losses. Don’t think this is an unreal scenario. 10 games in and you’d have lost 60% of them while betting on 50/50 chances on each selection.

Should you use Oscar’s Grind betting system?

Sports betting can be done in various ways almost all of which aren’t based on pure luck like when gambling on casino games. This said, if you do some proper research and adjust Oscar’s Grind system to your betting style you could have a steady stream of profitable sessions.

You don’t have to always bet on 2.00 50/50-based odds either. Options like the number of fouls, corners, and yellow/red cards are all such examples. So try using a different kind of bet. This could be anything you want but you must not bet on any selection with odds less than 2.00.

On the Brightside, bigger odds would have the same loss while at the same time offering a greater potential profit.

Would we recommend using it?

All progression-based betting systems are proven to fail in the long run. This doesn’t mean it will lead you to a negative bankroll though. You could use it for a while and if you see you are having a profit then you can switch to a different system before it’s too late.

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Furthermore, you could adjust the bet size or decide not to increase your bet every time you win but only after 2 or even 3 consecutive winning bets. This would make the potential profit smaller but also minimize losses if things go south.

Learn how to bet on sports, or refresh your betting knowledge with strategies and insights professional bettors use to get an edge in every bet they make.

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