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Betting for Leisure

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Betting for Leisure

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Was it Mark Blandford, the founder of Sportingbet who said, 'our customers are leisure players', people who like a bet, people who bet for a bit of fun!

My translation for Leisure player is losing player, the reality is that 98% of punters are losers and can be categorized leisure players or hobby punters, to be honest, there is nothing wrong with people playing for a bit of fun, some people like to smoke, some like a drink and others prefer a bet, it's unfortunate but true, the industry needs the masses to be losers. The majority of Bookmakers target the leisure market and to do this they need to show a certain amount of marketing savvy, tactics include: -Luring the customer with a juicy starting bonus (get them signed up!) -Top up bonus for existing customer base (usually on a set day or with a new pay-in.) -Free bets (varying criteria) -Cash back (example, if the game is 0-0, certain player scores or your horse loses by a short head or falls at the last obstacle). -Rebates (Discounting losses).

WARNING: Always read the small print, terms and conditions!

These incentives all sound 'fine and dandy' to the leisure player, in fact, many people in lower socio countries like Romania, Bulgaria and Greece have learnt to make profits from such offers, these people are known to the industry as bonus abusers, to conquer this leisure Bookmakers employ 'risk managers', their job is to identify such people and stop them in their tracks, you will often see in the Bookmakers terms and conditions 'bonus is available for the following countries' or 'bonus is not available for following countries', identifying demographic differentials is a very important tool in the Bookmakers conquest to maintain margins, it's not only know your customer, it's know your country! The future of the traditional Bookmaker will very much depend on customer acquisition and the costs involved, if you look at the likes of Bwin you will soon see they are losing market share, there customer acquisition costs are amongst the highest in the industry!

Editors note

98% of online and offline Bookmakers are directed at the leisure punter, if you start to show you are a wiseguy/girl, your account will soon be restricted or closed, accept, most Bookmakers do 'not accept winners'!

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