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How to bet online

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How to bet online

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When you start to place bets, it is very possible that you will become addicted. It could make a lot of problems to you and your family and closest friends. So before you start with this, or even if you are already deep in betting, you should read this article. We do not want to talk you what to do, just to show you the possible problems.

Setup your goal!

Before you place your first bet you should set your goals. And you should always look back on it. If you deposit initial 100€, you should set the money limit that you want withdraw. Also, you should be aware that is possibility that you can loose all the money. So, do not bet with money that you can not afford to lose.

Choose betting strategy!

After setting up your goal, you should choose your strategy. Will you bet on autsiders or on big favourites? Will you bet on singles or on parlays (acumulators)? Maybe you have your system and you will go with it? It does not matter. Important is not to change strategy. If you have succesfull streak, do not be greedy. If you are loosing, do not loose your temper.

What this means? If you have winning streak, and you win your last couple of bets, you will think that you are unbeatable. It is in human nature. Do not be greedy. Don't increase your stakes. Your profit could be lost in one impulsive bet. If your strategy works till now, do not change it. It is important to know that you will lose some bets, and win some bets. It is almost not possible to lose or win all the time. So if you win, you will lose ones. If you lose, don't increase your stakes to try to make up for earlier losses. You could easily lose all of your money.

When you reach your goal - WITHDRAW!

When you reach your goal, withdraw. Don't be greedy. If you set your goal on 300€, and reach it, then withdraw 200€ and leave 100€ to continue betting. Now setup new goal and go again.

Take your time - think good before you bet!

Take your time before you place your bet. Do not be impulsive. Try to read injured lists, statistics, etc. If you just have the hunch, it could be great. But your hunch will hardly work all the time. And even a hunch should be checked. Maybe, your team have 5 injured players, maybe you are betting on local derby and you are not aware of that, maybe tradition is going against you. All of this could be irelevant, but you should check and think about your bet. You should check odds too. Maybe some other bookmaker is offering bigger odds on your team. Since you do not need to go to local bookmaker and have the internet, try to spend some time on sites that are giving this informations.

Make a breaks - rest from betting!

From time to time, check your addiction. When you are in loosing streak, try to make a little time out. If you are capable, do not place bets for week or two. If you can't do this, then you are in big problem. If you can when you come back, you will maybe start winning.

Don't increase stakes!

It is worth mentioning again cause it could make the biggest problems. Do not increase your stakes too much. If your average stake is 10€, don't make a bet of 100€. Even if you are winning or losing, when you start to do this, you will soon lose all your money. If you are 100% sure in some result, double your average stake, but that is it. No more. If you are loosing, do not increase your stakes, you will not make up for your loses, you will make more loses.

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