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Here are some betting advices from our professional tipsters which can help you to improve your betting skills and make a nice monthly profit. You need some sound sports betting advice so you can finally start seeing profits and stop making the bookies rich.

  1. Never bet your whole bankroll! This is an emotional decision peculiar to the gamblers.
  2. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. There is no 100% sure bet !
  3. Never bet on your favorite team only because you love it and against teams which you don`t like. The players don`t care about your bet!
  4. Choose the right betting strategy for yourself, test it and use it to make even a little profit, but sure in a long term !
  5. Don`t bet on outsiders waiting for miracles. Betting with small stakes for big profit is always losing strategy.
  6. Avoid games where the end result is irrelevant to the players!
  7. Avoid to bet on teams which are 5 or more wins in a row. Sooner or later they will fail.
  8. Do not bet on teams which are 5 or more loses in a row. Sooner or later they will improve their form.
  9. Try to avoid derby matches. Surprises happen very often there. Odds are often misleading.
  10. Do not panic when you are in a losing period. As everything in this world it is temporarily.
  11. Learn to lose. It`s part of the game. The idea is to win more than you lose. Then comes the profit.
  12. Do not bet on more than 4 matches in a combo.
  13. Do not bet on singles with lower odd than 1.70. It`s in not valuable.
  14. Live odds are the greatest odds. You have a view of the game and you can wait till the odds get higher.
  15. Bet in two or more proven bookmakers. You can choose the highest odds.
  16. Discipline is the key to success. Don`t bet on everything, trying to regain the losses from the day.
  17. Choose two or three sports max and be always informed about the news. No one is good at everything.
  18. All favorites never win in the same day. Do not bet them all.
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Let's add another one: do not bet on popular predictions on the Internet, where many people have bet.
Monday, December 9, 2019

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