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Ukbettips System

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If you want to put on two events on a ticket to get profit , even if the ticket is lost apply the following formula to determine what amount you should bet:

Total Loss + Desired Profit) / ((game odds 1 x game odds 2) -1) = STAKE Wink

Step 1

Suppose we want to win 50 GPB in the first two matches and the bets odds are 1.50 and 2.00.
According to the formula follows:

(0 + 50) / ((1.50 X 2.00) - 1) = 25 GPB (amount of money you have to bet to get a profit of 50 GPB).

We have:

0 - represents the total losses earlier..
50 - is the desired profit.
1.50 si 2.00 - odds of wagered events.

If the bet is lost go to next step:

Step 2

Suppose we have two matches and the odds are 1.60 and 1.90.
Calculation of the stake will be:

(25 + 50 ) / ((1.60 X 1.90) - 1) = 36.76 GBP (amount of money you have to bet and recover the previous loss and a profit of 50 GPB).

We have:

25 - represents the total losses earlier...
50 - is the desired profit.
1.60 si 1.90 - odds of wagered events.

If you win return to Step 1.
If you lose the bet make the calculation as explained in Step 2.


This system works well for combining two events on one ticket.

Initial bid must not exceed 5% of the total amount in the account (eg if you have 500 GPB in account the first bet should be 25 GPB, so you will be able to cover a fairly long string of losses).

Good luck and inspiration!

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