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Depositing to any Sportsbook using Bitcoin!

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Depositing to any Sportsbook using Bitcoin!

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you will no doubt have heard of all these new digital currencies floating around, with Bitcoin being by far the most popular. Using bitcoin has allowed users in black/grey market to place bets online using various sportsbook.

This article will walk you through how to deposit funds to the likes of Bet365 or Ladbrokes using bitcoin (this only applies to those who live in countries that these bookmakers accept and are 18+ if you live in the USA you still won't be able to deposit to these places).

Personally I am not a great fan of bitcoin, I feel there is little in the way of consumer protection unlike when you make purchaes with Visa or PayPal not to mention the frequent closing down of exchanges with the owners running of with customer money. Anyhow if you have some bitcoin lying around (maybe you were lucky enough to hit the upswing a year back when the coin value soared to over $1k) then follow these steps to put your coins to good use.

First of all you need to signup for a Neteller account, this is available in almost all countries (except the USA ofcourse) and is basically an online wallet systems similar to how paypal works, the only major difference is Neteller are setup solely for gambling sites. Almost every major casino and sportsbook accept paypal (including every single site listed on odds junkie).

Once your neteller account is setup and verified (you may need to send in a copy of your Id such as passport and utility bill, this is totally find and secure) then click on "money in" You will then see the option to load funds using your bitcoin funds.

The maximum you can transfer depends on how many transactions you have made before. More trust = more sizeable deposits. Your bitcoin transfer should show up in around 15 mins and may need to be manually approved.

Once your funds have cleared in Neteller you can then use these funds to make deposits to any sportsbook (I recommend Bet365 if you want a big bonus)

Remember you must still be a legitimate player to the sportsbook no matter what your deposit method. i.e. you have live in a whitelisted country and be the appropriate age. Using bitcoin to deposit funds is not an excuse to circumnavigate law and terms and conditions.

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