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High Limit Bookmakers, High Roller Bookies, Big Bets Bookmaker

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High Limit Bookmakers, High Roller Bookies, Big Bets Bookmaker

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There aren't many punters that bet in the tens of thousands of pounds on every wager, but for those few, it's very hard to find a high stakes online bookmaker that would accommodate them.

The risk the bookmakers take when they allow players to place bets in the 5- or 6-digit numbers is enormous and most bookies have simply decided not to work with high roller bettors of this caliber. Sure, the majority of the bookmakers we have recommended will have no problems accepting, let say, a €5,000 bet on one of the big games, like the Champions League Final or World Cup Final, but only a selected few will let you wager €20-30,000 and up on most football games or tennis matches or whichever is your favourite sports to bet.

If you want to place big bets at a sports betting website, the ones listed below are the best. They have the bankroll to back those big bets and can (and do) take a lot of them without any risk of going out of business. And while you can be a recreational punter at one of the high stakes bookmakers, keep in mind that the opposite is not true, you can't place very large bets at the recreational bookies.

High Stakes Bookmakers: Online Bookies with high betting limits

Betfair - We have placed the Betfair Exchange above the other bookmakers in our high roller bookies list, no-brainer when you consider that Betfair actually has no limits! That's right, since the exchange operates on a percentage commission of the bets (just like rake in poker), there is no risk for the Betfair Exchange, regardless of your betting patterns and amounts. But this is also one of the weak side of the Betfair exchange, when it comes to high limit bettors - you can bet as much as you want, but you have to hope that there is a market that would match your bet on the other side. Of course, when it comes to the major sports, there is plenty of action to be found. One shouldn't have a problem with finding markets on nearly all football matches, as well as the big tennis tourneys, but for more obscure sports, where the really juicy odds usually are, it could be a bit harder. Regardless, this betting site is a great option for the high roller punter who wants to place big bets. The exchange is the most secure in the world, so much so, that many Las Vegas sportsbooks and online bookmakers use Betfair to lay off risk in their day-to-day operations. If they trust Betfair with their millions, there is no reason why you shouldn't.

Pinnacle - (Update: because of new UK gambling tax, Pinnacle has also exited the UK market)certainly one of the top bookmakers overall, Pinnacle Sports is famous among the high rollers and the high stakes bettors. Punters can place insanely large bets here, some VIP clients have been allowed to place million pound bets! The starting max bet limit at the bookie is set at €30,000 for the regular football games (league games, cups, etc.), but just like any high roller bookmaker worth their salt, Pinny will raise your limits if you just ask the management. Often, however, this great online bookmaker will run specials around the big football events (Champions League Final, FA Cup Final, Super Bowl, etc.) that would increase the standard limits for everyone all the way up to €250,000 on a single bet. It's hard to imagine many bookmakers having the guts, and more importantly, the money to cover big bets like that, yet Pinnacle does it in and out every year.

But football is not the only sport where you can bet big. Some of the less popular leagues and sports, such as the NFL, NBA and NHL also carry very high limits, up to €50,000 on the NFL games, for example, or €30,000 on the NBA games. Add this to the fact that Pinnacle as a rule offers low-juice odds and you can see why this is the best high stakes bookmaker in the world. Let's not forget that Pinnacle is also an arbitrage friendly bookmaker, and the high betting limits makes it a very attractive choice for the arbers. And the best part - it is also the most well-bankrolled bookmaker, period, so your large winnings are safe and secure. Many high roller punters leave hundreds of thousands in their Pinnacle accounts for months without losing a night of sleep.

SBOBet - (unfortunately SBOBet has stopped accepting UK customers, due to new tax regulations) The leading Asian bookmaker, SBOBet offers some of the best odds, especially on football and tennis. The betting limits are very high, and while most of the time would depend on the player history, the €50,000 max bet for football games is the standard. If you have developed a rapport with this betting site, your can request your limits to be raised, which will happen without any issues. Most other sports will have a starting betting limits of around €5-10,000 per bet, but again, if you can request higher betting limits on virtually any sports and the bookie will be very accommodating. Another reason that many high rollers punters choose SBOBet is that they often pay within an hour, something few other betting websites can claim. To recap: big bets allowed, great odds and extremely fast payouts, SBOBet is a top class online bookie for the high roller.

There are quite a few other bookies that claim to allow high limit betting, but no self respected high roller wound be caught betting there. The betting sites noted above are the absolute gold standard of high stakes betting. The all offer very high limits (some don't even have limits), best of all, they offer the best odds, which is very important, and they have the huge liquidity necessary to settle the big bets they take. If you want to bet big, don't add the additional risk to your money by betting at some 2nd-tier bookie.

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