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Tony Stoffo (Soccer Version)

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Tony Stoffo (Soccer Version)

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Tonny Stoffo system is a method originally applied in professional baseball. This system consists of betting only underdogs all season. It is not a system for rookies, requires statistical analysis to see previous results. The rules of this betting system must be followed exactly as described below:

  1. The underdog has not lost 3 straight games as underdog
  2. The favorite team has not won 3 straight games as favorite
  3. Do not bet on games where the underdog is more than 3.8 in odds
  4. Do not bet on games where the favorite team will have all its official lineup

Following these strict rules to bet an underdog we can see profit throughout the season. 007SoccerPicksunderdogs can be used in this system without any problem as long the bettor do the corresponding statistical analysis.

Tony Stoffo indicates that you should bet between 3-4 times a day to make a profit. It is the same system used in baseball but with adaptation to be applied in soccer.

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