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Cash Out

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Cash Out

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Cash out is a relatively new addition to sports betting and is little over a decade old. It was first pioneered by the likes of Betfair and bet365 but has since exploded on the betting market, and is now offered by pretty much every major betting site out there.

With an ever expanding range of markets where cash out is offered as an option to punters it’s important to know what cash out actually is, but also if and when to use it.

Cash out is a feature that betting sites offer which gives you the ability to close your bet before the match has ended. This allows you to either claim a winning bet ahead of time if you feel the match is about to turn against you, or to minimise any potential losses.

It’s important to know that the range of markets where cash out is available, as well as the rate that cash out is calculated at, differs between betting sites. Every reputable betting site will have a section on cash out that explains their terms and conditions, usually found somewhere on the home page. It’s always good to consult the terms and conditions before you start using a betting site’s cash out feature.

On most betting sites they will clearly display when a betting market has a cash out option attached to it. If you’re interested in the option to cash out it’s always good to check whether that specific market has a cash out option.

But when should you cash out on your bet? It isn’t always easy to decide exactly when to cash out and it basically comes down to two options. Firstly whether to ride out your bet for the full duration of the match and hope it wins. Or secondly, to close your bet and cash out if the match isn’t going your way, or you feel the tide about to turn and you want to minimise your losses.

For a full and comprehensive guide on cash out head over to and consult their free cash out betting guide as well as some of the best betting sites that offer cash out.

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