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Over the past 12 month there has been a big rise in the amount of data analytics that has previously only been used behind the scenes in football clubs coming out into the mainstream. One of these really cool pieces of data is Expected Goals - often referred to with the acronym xG. xG can be applied to both teams and players. So Man...
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Everyone has heard of fixed odds betting, where punters place bets on a selection and the bookmaker offers the odds based on the possibility of the result. In the past few years, a complex but highly profitable betting strategy has evolved known as spread betting. Widely popular in Europe especially in the UK, spread betting works in the...
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“Nothing is guaranteed” may be the number one rule in sports and in betting, but even this statement has an exception meant to confirm it. The “Sure bet” concept implies a guaranteed profit by betting on all the possible outcomes of a game at different bookmakers. Bookmakers never have and never will offer identical lines. Every bookie has...
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A multiple bet is a single sports wager linking together several individual sports bets. It's biggest advantage is that there are massive payoffs using very low stakes. As little as $1 can generate a payout in excess of $500,000 since the winnings from one selection are carried over to the other. There are many multiple bets. The smallest is...
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The Both Teams to Score bet is a simple bet that provides returns at odds ranging from 1/2 to 6/4. You will not make massive winnings from small stakes Both Teams to Score (BTTS) bets, but if you manage to get it right, this type of bet can be a massive moneymaker. Both Teams to Score (BTTS) is a betting market where you can back either BTTS...
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Cash out is a relatively new addition to sports betting and is little over a decade old. It was first pioneered by the likes of Betfair and bet365 but has since exploded on the betting market, and is now offered by pretty much every major betting site out there. With an ever expanding range of markets where cash out is offered as an option...
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We utilize it to measure effectiveness of investments made. To calculate ROI we use the proportion of investment income to the amount invested. In betting, in particular, it should be calculated as proportion of increase/ decrease of the ‘bank’ to the initial amount of the ‘bank’. When using the word ‘bank’ we mean the amount of money destined...
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There are bettors who are interested in monitoring betting odds movements and building strategy patterns from their favorite sport events. The sports betting market could be seen in a similar way to stocks market where instead of shares we have odds which are being traded. Similar to the "shares" we have the "pre-game odds" or the...