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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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There aren't many punters that bet in the tens of thousands of pounds on every wager, but for those few, it's very hard to find a high stakes online bookmaker that would accommodate them. The...
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1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34. Go up one step with each loss, down 2 steps with each win. Note that every win pays for the two losses before it. Example: 1. Bet €1 until you lose. Then bet €2. 2. If...
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you will no doubt have heard of all these new digital currencies floating around, with Bitcoin being by far the most popular. Using...
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Nowadays, the betting industry seems to have taken over the world. And for many beginners in the betting world, luck is the only thing they may be experiencing on the way to winning some cash with...
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If you want to put on two events on a ticket to get profit , even if the ticket is lost apply the following formula to determine what amount you should bet: Total Loss + Desired Profit) / ((game...
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Some people treat sports-betting as a good form of entertainment. And we agree, most of the time placing bets is sheer fun! But we at strongly feel that sports-betting is something more...
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Once placed on the bookmakers' sites, odds are constantly changed and there is a number of objective reasons for this. Usually, bookmakers show the lines for an event few days before it. This...
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Norwegian System is very simple and effective one. It is meant rather for players that tend to bet on several events (at low odds) on one coupon, however if you like, you can also use it for...
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Before you start with online betting, it's very smart to gather som info about the "opposition", i.e the bookmaker. It's a good advice to follow this little checklist before placing your money in...
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If you are good at weighing and comparing the value of your bets the Kelly Criterion betting system might be for you. The system was invented by a bright American fellow named John L. Kelly, and...
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